You have such an important job, so why is no one helping you?

It's time for some simple, relaxed and effective conversations about the real issues...

In our first six webinar series we will be discussing…

1. Developing warrior behaviors: Understanding the role of sport in personal development
2. The training recipe: How much, how often and what?
3. Understanding growth and development: The milestones and bumps in the road
4. What to look for in programs: Purpose, Value and Content
5. Getting what you need from coaches: The role of the coach at different ages and stages
6. Competition: Understanding the role of competition and how to support your child through the highs and lows

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Feedback from Our Intro Webinars

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for a brilliant webinar. As a tennis parent myself now of a 10 year old girl who’s on the national pathway, it’s great to hear from you both about things I can do as a parent!” RS

“This should be a mandatory series for all parents finding themselves in the world of tennis. Very relaxed and made me feel I could ask any question at any time. Real gold dust from both of you.” LM  

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